Managua Real Estate

Managua is located in the Pacific zone of Nicaragua. This department was created in 1875 and its capital, the city of Managua, has been the capital city of Nicaragua since 1852.

The city of Managua grew from small establishments of fishermen who lived in the border of  Lake Xolotl (also known as Lake Managua) so  its origins go back to pre-Columbian times. Tracks of Acahualinca,  recognized as some of the oldest evidence of humans presence in Central America, can be found in the hard baked mud of the ancient shoreline.

In addition to important archeological sites, Managua has beautiful beaches in the Pacific. Lake Xolotl and distant volcanoes create create a beautiful backdrop for the capital city, and the landscape is dotted with numerous lagoons of volcanic origin.

Managua has the most economic activity of the country. As the seat of government, it is the headquarters of many national and foreign businesses and government organizations, the country’s foremost universities and hospitals, and Nicaragua’s only international airport.

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